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Things to do in Protaras this Summer

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Protaras is a popular hot spot and one of the Mediterranean's best places to visit on a summer vacation offering a variety of outdoor activities to make your holidays even more exciting. If you are not sure where exactly to go to enjoy a day at sea, or what to do during your days at the beach then you should definitely step in the challenging world of watersports, trying something new and stay active.

Xtreme Watersports is the perfect destination to enjoy multi-activities, while being supervised by professionals, practice water sports and spend time enjoying countless uplifting moments with your friends, family or even solo.

The operation is located by the famous golden beach of Marlita Bay in Protaras, surrounded by breathtaking panoramic views and crystal clear blue waters.

They share the most amazing fun deals and adrenaline pumping offers including crazy inflatable rides, kid-friendly activities, relaxing sea exploration, and other unique experiences at sea on the island.

Many people have a bucket list of the things they want to do or places to visit. But how many have a list of water sports they want to try once in their lives?

If you can’t figure out which activities to do first, from leisure and beginner friendly to thrill loaded skill performance, check out the following must-try water sports to give you a boost!


Want to go for a ride? Hop on one of the brand new Jet skis for a thrilling experience, alone or with a partner and hike along the beautiful sea of Protaras. Gear up and get ready to make some waves in complete safety even at top speeds. Catch the rush, get the wind in your hair and sea spray on your face. Enjoy the adventure in the sunshine and cruise around like a boss! Taking a spin on a jet ski is a pure adrenaline bliss! #jetskiing


Parasailing is the best way to get your heart racing. Rise up, rise above the world, enjoy the amazing views and experience the ultimate thrill of an aerial adventure while you gentle breeze high above the clear blue sky! Take this rewarding opportunity, share it with a friend and watch the world from a different perspective, completely free, relaxed and totally safe and secured! #parasailing


Bustling Ringo Ride is guaranteed to raise your heart rate. Get swept up in the excitement of an action-packed summer, suitable for adults and kids! Splash your way to the ultimate summer fun, laugh-out-loud and enjoy every bump and wave of the sea. Ringo is the perfect combination of adventure and adrenaline. Hang on tight as you bounce behind the boat. Will you be the one to stay in your Ringo? #ringo


The brand new Twister is here to make your heart race and give you a huge boost of adrenaline! Enjoy the most XTREME ride this summer, on this super fun towable tube as it turns and twists on the water! It’s totally impressive! Twister can be used by one or two families at the same time! #twister


Slide your way to a summer full of adventure and excitement with the new Banana Slider. The adrenaline-packed ride will wildly bounce on the waves as it twists, splashes and turns. Get ready for unmatched fun and thrills with your family and friends. Slide fast and raise your adrenaline level to the maximum. Battle the waves and unexpected turns whilst you try to stay dry. Can you ride the crazy inflatable banana without falling in the water?


Experience the rhythm of the waves with the newest extreme Aqua Slider that makes your pulse pounding and your adrenaline flowing. Try this thrilling high speed ride and have a blast with your friends or family. It will surely leave you breathless. Enjoy the buzz as you are being whisked through the water, laugh till you cry and let the crazy adventure slide away your fears. #aquaslider


Make your watersport ride more extraordinary with the new super Aqua Speed sofa. It’s fast, furious, and gets the pulse racing! Dare to ride and get a soaked surprise! Float into crazy good fun with friends or family and enjoy maximum satisfaction. Let your heart race to the beat of excitement and adrenaline rush. Breeze into Waterfun! #aquaspeed


Slip and slide away the day with the craziest Ufo. It’s breathtaking exciting and a fun filled adventure! Enjoy being dragged over the sea at maximum speed and fight against the waves! Laugh and splash the day away with family and friends. Enjoy the ride and hold on tide ‘cause the adrenaline will drive you crazy! Get lost in the thrill of the moment!

SUP (StandUp Paddleboarding)

Catch a wave on a SUP today. Stand up paddle boarding is an absolute blast. It’s a super fun activity, an incredible exercise and surprisingly accessible! Enjoy getting out for an adventure on the water and get a taste of the ocean. Just keep paddling! #sup


Grab the sunscreen, ‘cause you are getting your heart rate up, wake boarding. Whether it’s making waves or catching them, you’re gonna work up a sweat. Wakeboarding is definitely an exciting watersport activity and can be seriously addictive! Tackle your fears head-on. Conquer the challenge at hand. Prepared for a laugh and to get extremely wet. Get out there and push the limits with wakeboards! #wakeboarding


Water skiing is an adrenaline pumping sport that requires balancing while drifting over the endless blue waters of Protaras. They provide a smooth water-skiing experience for the whole family with the experienced and professional instructors. Get the skis, wear the life jacket and strap in for the most epic adventure of your lifetime! Feel the rush of freedom as you glide across the ocean and enjoy every second to the fullest. Let the good times roll. #waterskiing


If you have already seen enough of the action activities, it’s time to take a breath of fresh air and relax on a pedal boat. Pedal boat is a fun way to spend a few hours on the water, whether it’s as part of a family day out or with friends. Enjoy the sun and the amazing scenery. Experience great fun pedaling out to the endless blue sea and feel the pleasure of going down the slide, splashing into the cool water! Don’t forget to take a selfie and share your cool summer stories. #pedalboat


Where adventure meets pleasure! Canoeing can be a great way to combine a bit of sporting adventure exploring the bay or a leisure activity, paddling down the calm waters of the spectacular sea. Get a tranquility experience in the outdoors and connect with nature, while listening to the paddles pulling through the steady sound of moving water. Drown yourself in joy and pleasure! #canoeing


Take a moment of relaxation during your summer vacation and smooth cruise the Yellow Boat out at sea for sightseeing or simply enjoying the quiet waters and soft breeze, passing time till the sunset. Feel the motion, enjoy the ride to the perfect escape! Go with the flow on a Yellow Boat adventure of unlimited fun. Life is better on the water! #yellowboat


Celebrate summer, unwind and relax on a yacht rental adventure! Cast away your troubles, have a blissful escape along the magical coastlines of beautiful Cyprus and create lasting memories with your friends and family. Discover the ideal yacht for your holiday experience or plan your special event on board and get ready to have an amazing time. Choose the yacht you'd like to rent, from the following selection: SEALINE S41HT, SEARAY SUPER SUN SPORT 630, FAIRLINE SQUADRON 55, GOBBI 375, SEARAY SUNDANCER 455, and SAILING TRADITIONAL 44. Offering FREE TRANSFER, CHAMPAGNE & FRUIT PLATTER SERVICES: Food & Beverage menu on boat upon request | Private event organizing: birthday, hens, bachelor, wedding parties | Night stay | Mediterranean/European cruises. Life’s best moments happen onboard! #yachtrental

For more information or queries contact @xtremewatersports.


Hiring a boat is a perfect opportunity to spend your summer day, out at sea in a fun-filled adventure with your friends or family. Enjoy the experience of being on the boat, cruising around the magnificent coasts of Protaras, swimming and relaxing. Catch a great day’s entertainment on the water with boatloads of good vibes, excitement and pleasure and create unforgettable memories. Get out there and explore with MariahSC21! #boatrental

For more information or queries contact @xtremewatersports.


Marlita Beach Paralimni, 22HW+FP Protaras 5296, Cyprus

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Jun 12, 2023
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Jun 08, 2023
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Great fun. Recommend!!!


Jun 08, 2023
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Love it!💏


Jun 08, 2023
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We love Cyprus. We love Protaras and surely will pay a visit here soon!😊


Jun 08, 2023
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